The Tintin Movie News Preview Debate

The Tintin movie has many Tintin fans at odds with each other. The debate is split between two Tintin movie camps. The anticipation for any Tintin movie preview is really building momentum. The first camp cannot wait for the film to become reality and then those that are strictly opposed to any sort of Tintin based film.

What is known is that Spielberg and Jackson two modern giants of film direction are trying to recreate the look of the books with in the Tintin movies and figures of $100 million dollars have been banded about.

The first camp those that cannot wait for a Tintin movie believe like Herge did that the only man in modern cinema able to produce the Tintin adventures for the big screen is Spielberg. In fact I have reported earlier that Spielberg has been trying to get this film made for over 20 years now. The use and demo work by Peter Jackson and his Weta effects workshop only sets to highlight the attention to detail that the people involved in the project are putting into developing a true reflection of the Belgian boy detective in his deeds of good and crime solving.1. Choose your topics wisely. Remember, you should only be writing about newsworthy and current stories that your target readers will find interesting. In any given day, there are a lot of stories that you can write but choose only those that will grab your audience by the throat. More details please visit:-

The Tintin movie debates other side don’t want the Tintin persona to be touched for fear of a bad recreation could damage the standing of this much loved character. He is a Belgian creation and very much a European comic character that most don’t believe can be become a Hollywood film. American’s have never embraced Tintin as he was introduced to the world a few months after Mickey Mouse so was lost to an American audience who had their own plucky character.

The film will be heavily reliant on CGI that Jackson was brilliant at creating for the role of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings but many believe that these technologies cannot be then related to the ligne claire style of Herge creation Tintin.

The debate is set to continue as Tintin Movie news is still thin on the ground. The rumour mill is still though thriving with several people rumoured to be playing Tintin from Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz) to Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot).

The debate will never be completely answered because even when the film is finished and reaches the multi-plexes there is little chance there will be universal praise for any Tintin movie that produced.

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