Diabetes Diet – The Good News and the Bad News

A diabetes diet is simply a healthy diet. This may sound simple, yet changing your diet to a diabetes diet may prove difficult.

What were your first thoughts and feelings when your doctor gave you the news that you have diabetes?

Were you relieved to finally find out what was causing you to feel so ill? Or, did you think “Oh My Goodness! Now I am going to have to go on a restricted diet — no sugar, no ice cream, no cake!

There is good news, and bad news, in regard to the special diabetes diet you should now follow …

The good news: A diabetes diet does not have to be bland, boring food.

The bad news: A diabetes diet does have rules to follow and food restrictions. Yet, the dieting “rules” are basically diet rules everyone should follow!

As previously stated: A diabetes diet is one that is a healthy diet. If you choose healthy foods like lean meats, low fat foods including low fat dairy, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, you are on your way to living within a diabetic diet. https://capetownacupuncture.com/

If you eat the above healthy foods, in the right portions and on a scheduled basis, every day, you will be on your way to feeling much better. This is because your blood sugar should stay balanced.

Yet, changing your diet to a healthy diabetes diet is not that easy, especially if you have not been eating healthy foods prior to your diagnosis of this disease.

Here is more good news. There are literally thousands of informative, websites online available for you to find out how to change your eating pattern to a healthy diabetic food plan.

In addition, there are dozens of diabetes cookbooks available, as well as websites that offer special recipes. This means you could easily find a way to begin the process of eating better, and you are not stuck with eating bland, boring food.

Even though there is “bad news” regarding a diabetes diet having rules to follow, the “bad news” could turn into “good news” because once you change your diet to a healthy diabetes diet, you should begin to feel healthier in a short period of time.

Many people diagnosed with diabetes, and who also need to change their diet as well as lose weight, find a diet plan that offers pre-packaged, portion-controlled diet meals, much easier to use at first. This may be due to not having to plan their new meals or schedule the meals themselves. The diet plan tells them what meals to eat and when to eat them. Two special diabetes plans that offer pre-packaged, portion controlled diet meals are Medifast and Nutrisystem. Both plans could help you transition from a poor diet to a healthy diet and give you time to adjust to what may seem like a new way of eating.

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