How to Profit from Death and Bad News

It’s a mortal sin to be happy when something bad happens to our neighbors. It’s not kind to laugh at somebody else’s misfortunes even if it happens to our enemies. But with the advent of domain names and the world of online business, people would have something new to be happy about bad news and deaths. Today, a lot of people are profiting from bad news on television and newspapers including the deaths of important people. This is not to say that those who are in online business are happy about the happenings of such events. It’s just that it gives people a positive outlook about the things they see in televisions and newspapers. Every day, as we open our television or our radio, all we hear around us is bad news. These events are inevitable and since this is unavoidable, why not use these to profit and turn a negative thing to a positive one.

Making money out of bad news is really simple. You can start by grabbing today’s newspaper or by browsing the internet for the latest news both in the local and international scene. Remember that the more controversial, mind-boggling, disturbing and popular the news is, the better it is. What you’re going to do with this news is to use it for your domain names. Choose wisely the domain names you’re going to make. People would click on your web sites especially if you feature a grotesque event. In this way, you can profit every time someone clicks on your web sites. More details please visit:-

An example was the death of Pope John Paul II. People with websites regarding his life, death, and any topic related to the late pope are the most clicked and visited sites during the time of his death. Topics about choosing the next pope, the names that the new pope can choose, the candidates for the papacy, duties of the pope, and the tradition and ritual of Pope John Paul II’s wake were also highly popular. Each website owner who has stuff related to the papacy’s sites gets richer every time someone reads or goes to his website. In this event, it is very strategic to choose only the domain names closely related to what people may type in their search engine.

Another popular search today is the on-going fight between Lebanon and Israel and the tourists who are stuck in the shoot outs. It is a good investment if you’ll create a domain name or join pay per click marketing topics related to this event. You can get wealthy even without leaving your own home or selling any guns or weapons at this time. In fact, you can help others by equipping them with necessary information about what’s happening in the world today.

The reason you can get a lot of money from deaths and any major current events today is because this creates traffic and traffic means profit. It’s only in the world of online business that traffic is good. In the outside world, traffic is equivalent to a bad hair day.

Another instance of a popular search topic is *Natalee Holloway*, the teenage American girl who was missing after her Aruba trip in senior year. This topic is very hot during the months that followed after she was found missing. All individuals who have domains and web sites about Natalee instantly earn money by creating sites about this event. Sometimes, it’s also good to invest in misspelled domain names because a lot of people make mistakes when typing in search engines. For example, in the case of Natalee Holloway, some people type Holloway as Halloway. There are also secondary topics that are all linked in Natalee Holloway’s case such as Aruba teen incident, Natalee Aruba’s case, and the like. There are many variations of domain names you can grab that would all lead to the case of Natalee Holloway.

Don’t feel bothered if you’re investing and making profit out of these things because a lot of book authors, magazines, and newspapers earn profit from every news, whether good or bad. Every time they feature a murder story or investigation, it will be profitable for them. The same principle also follows in online business. There’s nothing wrong by investing in negative stuff. It does not mean that you’re happy when these things are happening just because you’re gaining money out of it. But if you really don’t want to invest in these horrid events, then I suggest you should choose news that you’re morally comfortable with and at the same time worth investing.

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