Manifesting Abundance – Here’s Some Good News

As kids, we’ve watched science fiction movies. We watched the heroes of these movies and admired their courage, their strength, their boldness and their persistence. We watched the adventures they went on and sat on the edge of our seats in excitement. In truth, we yearned for the same sense of adventure in our own lives. We wanted to save the day like these sci-fi heroes, we wanted to have a positive effect on this world.

Throughout our lives we’ve also read and heard about people who’ve given their lives over to the greater good of humanity to be a service to mankind. We’ve read about Mother Theresa and her devotion to the destitute people of Calcutta. We’ve read about Gandhi and his successful efforts of non-violent resistance to the massive British Empire in order to win independence for India.

Here too, we wanted that sense of fulfillment, that sense of adventure, that sense of devotion that these people had. We devoured stories of these people as well as others like Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, etc to the point of living vicariously through the past of one of these people’s lives in order to feel that sense of adventure for ourselves. More details please

We’ve seen celebrities on television and were envious of their wealth. Wealthy people such as Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, P. Diddy, Bill Gates, etc, never seem to be at a want for anything. They have all the wealth to do whatever they want, go wherever they please, live wherever they want. They can buy all the nice cars, expensive clothes, beautiful homes, etc.

You’ve seen that and would imagine how lucky they were to be able to have all that money. You wanted that for yourself.

You’ve read in books, seen in movies and on television all the beautiful exotic interesting places of the world. In some places, you admired their history and have always wondered what it was like to visit one of the ancient relics that still stand. In other places, you stand in awe of the culture, and wondered what it was like to experience it in person.

In other places you admired the natural beauty of these places: the clear blue waters, the white sandy beaches, the beautiful mountains, the magnificent wildlife, etc. You could only imagine what it would be like to physically experience the wonder.

The bad news is that most people live their lives in yearning and wonder, watching others living the lives that they want to live. They think of this type of life as fantasy, because they think that it could never happen for them

The good news is that there are universal laws of manifesting abundance that can be used to get the EXACT life that we want for ourselves. These laws, if used correctly, can bring to you the lives that you’ve read about in books, watched in television and movies, and have seen celebrities live.

By willing to take the time learn these laws of manifesting abundance, the life you have desired for yourself will no longer be a dream, because you’ll be living it.

Once again, the bad news is that there are so-called tools for teaching you the laws of manifesting abundance, but they never give you the FULL picture, and many people wind up falling short and giving up, thinking that the laws for manifesting abundance is a bunch of bunk

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