Real Estate – Possible Next Boom in USA

The next few decades are bound to see some big waves of development which have the potential to turn America’s metropolises into mega cities bursting with opportunities at the seams.

Since the past decade, people have been buying plots of desert land in states like Arizona which was witnessing a veritable building boom. Phoenix was one of the cities raring to go. Speculators who took the bet with Phoenix have been laughing all the way to the bank. Today, Phoenix is still going strong with a building boom which has seen more than 500,000 homes being built here alone.

Investors have been buying acres of land for building ranches and farms and many are spread over an area which is probably double the size of Manhattan. Interstate 10, please which is presently housing 15,000 farmers, is about to take off in a major way with housing colonies emerging on either side. Brokers here say that the region will be completely transformed into a metropolis comparable to Phoenix itself.

As the population increases, these fast growing areas will represent lucrative business making opportunities. Growth trends are rife already in Oregon and Washington, and it is estimated that by 2030, the cities of Portland and Seattle might just merge and form one big megapolitan area. Atlanta and Raleigh-Durham are two other cities which in the light of things today may also be joined by transportation, banking, and biotech.

While Americans in the southern and western parts are trying to cash in by buying pieces of land in the proposed boom towns, others elsewhere are speculating on parking lots and underutilized land trying to locate the cheapest property which may yield great returns. Companies like Target and Wal-Mart, which will always head towards areas with growth are also looking at speculating on land and creating a whole host of opportunities.

While land everywhere is being eyed with passion, few territories possess the potential to make a profit and create that storm for growth. Arizona offers building worthy land at low prices and given the continuous water supply from underground rivers, aqueducts, and mountains the new inhabitants can all be taken care of.

However it is silly to speculate on land under conditions prevalent in the congested suburban metros like Chicago, Los Angeles or even Washington. Spiraling fuel costs and trying commutes zoning disasters and delays in approvals can be hazardous to the developers. But the latest trend is to hedge bets on parking spaces given that America has 30 per cent more parking lots than it needs, which may be a reason why many developers believe they’ll deliver the biggest returns.

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