Restaurant Knives – Few Important Buying Tips

For any restaurant, the kitchen is the most important place and any restaurant cook is absolutely nothing without a knife. Almost all excellent dishes start specifically and swiftly by cutting meats and vegetables where knives play a very important role. Thus in simple words, shieldon knives if we say that a good knife is necessary in getting a great dish started on the right path then it won’t be wrong. Apart from this, good knife can also create a significant difference to the enjoyment of a meal. For example, if you have matching restaurant dinnerware along with matching knife, the table automatically feels more inviting, rather than looking like a jumbled chaos.

If we look at the present scenario, today there are all kinds of restaurant knives out there in the market. Starting from inexpensive dollar knife to the most costly dollar knife, all are easily available. But at the same time, it is also turning out to be more difficult task in selecting or purchasing restaurant knife.

It can be devastating when you start shopping because there is so much to choose from. Knife can be a real investment if you select it right. It is a key accessory for your restaurant and can even make a meal preparation more enjoyable experience. Here are few key tips that may help you in selecting proper knives-

Try to examine a grip of a knife- Always examine the grip of a knife. This is very important because a good and secure grip can save your chef from bad injury. After all knives are sharp tool and could easily hurt quite seriously if the grip is not good enough. The handle of a knife must be shaped properly so that it sits securely and comfortably in hand. Apart from this, also try to know – what the handle is made of. Generally, handles made from plastic can be slippery. If it is made of wood then it can be breakable if not cared properly. Do remember a comfortable handling and balance is likely to be the best knife.

Know the type of blade used in knife– The function of any restaurant knife largely depends upon the type of blade used in a knife. The blade of the knife can be made from various materials like high-carbon stainless steel, ceramic or stainless steel. However, more info please visit:- it is advisable to choose knife that is made from stainless steel. Knifes made from high quality stainless steel, particularly Sheffield steel, is robust, forged and does not rust easily.

Know the basic purpose of knife– Now in a restaurant there are numerous jobs and tasks that need to be done in preparing different dishes. Depending upon the task or requirement, you must choose your knife. For an example, it doesn’t make any sense to try and carve your joint of meat with a paring knife. There are different types of knives like bread knife, utility knife and slicing or carving knife and each of them has its own specialty.

  • Bread knife is an 8 inch knife primarily meant for slicing bread.
  • Paring knife is 3 inch long knife and mostly used for coring and peeling.
  • Utility Knife is generally 6 inch long and usually applied for odd tasks.
  • Steak Knife is about 5 inches long and can be applied for slicing steak.


It is advisable to select proper knife depending upon the different task.

Apart from all this, try to buy the best quality that you can afford. It is a major investment in your restaurant equipment and thus you need to make sure knives you purchase last longer. Ensure you also examine the knife warranty.

It is not necessary to purchase the entire cutlery set or every type of restaurant knives at same time. Just purchase a good chef’s knife to get started. You can than add other knives to your assortment as you can afford them and ultimately gather good knives to make cooking easy in your restaurant kitchen.


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