New Vision International Review

In this New Vision International review, I will be taking a closer look at this company, specifically the business opportunity that they offer. Who is New Vision International? Do they offer quality products? Is the business opportunity that they offer a legitimate one? Lets begin my review! thehealthcentric

Founded in 1995, New Vision International was founded by the Boreyko family with a mission to enrich the quality of families’ lives, both physically and financially. New Vision offers top-quality products about weight loss solutions and nutritional supplements.

New Vision International offers these products through Chetakresult  a large network of Team Members (distributors), giving everyday individuals the opportunity to build a home business through the sharing of their products with others.

The cost to become a Team Member is a Content Management fee of $5.95. However, to participate in the full rewards of their compensation plan, you will need to purchase 1 of 3 Builder Packs. They offer their Producer Builder Pack for $299.95, Itsupport-dubai and this pack will give you automatic qualification for their Builder Bonus at the Producer level. They also offer their Senior Producer Builder Pack for $499.95, and this gives you automatic qualification to earn their Builder Bonus at the Senior Producer level. Lastly, they offer their Director Builder Pack for $999.95. This will automatically qualify you to earn their Builder Bonus at the Director Level. Producer, crazzyzone Senior Producer, and Director are ranks within New Vision that you will eventually obtain as you grow your business.

New Vision International Team Members will earn retail profits for every product that you successfully sell on their behalf. You will purchase the products at wholesale prices, and sell them at a price of your choice to your customers. You will then keep the profits that this generates. As you grow your business, meloot you will begin to participate in the 9 different income streams that New Vision offers to their Team Members. These include:

Retail Sales
Consumer Retail Profit
First Order Payout
Builder Bonus
Momentum Bonus
Verticle Payout Bonus
Director Residual Bonus
Global Bonus Pools
One Time Awards

The Compensation plan that New Vision International offers is designed to not only award personal production but is more focused on rewarding team building and leadership. elpais

As you achieve levels of success in your business, you will begin to move through the various leadership positions that New Vision offers. These include:

Senior Producer
Senior Director
National Director
Senior Executive
National Executive

In my opinion, New Vision International is a very solid opportunity. They offer products of high demand in a booming health and wellness industry. This is a multi-level marketing business opportunity, so the methods of making a list of family and friends, encouraging them to purchase products, and recruiting them into your business will still apply. With that being said, New Vision International offers great potential and the tools for your success.


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