SharePoint – The Simplest Use

SharePoint Makes Documents Easier to Find

One of the biggest wins with SharePoint is also one of the simplest uses, and least expensive to set up. SharePoint makes common documents like vacation request forms, meloot employee manuals, and forecasts easier to publish and find.

Before SharePoint, many firms created a mess of nested folders on a public drive with these common documents. With a little searching, employees could find the newest version of the expense report or the latest forecast, but errors were common.

The old version of the T’s and C’s was sent to the new client, or the new employee spent 2 hours looking for the product description file that hadn’t yet been uploaded. Common documents could be accidentally deleted or edited. A sales presentation might end up with the wrong company name on the first slide, or the closing paperwork has the wrong address.

Some firms simply built intranet pages in HTML or other common web technology to make the user experience a little friendlier, elpais but editing these pages requires IT level intervention. Posting content was often more hassle than it was worth.

SharePoint Document Management is Easier

SharePoint’s webpage feel makes finding documents faster and simpler, but posting and organizing content is still easy. IT doesn’t have to be involved with simple updates and design either.

Each department or function might have its own webpage with a unique document library, equivalent to the top level of a nested file structure. The organization, though, makes more sense, and navigating through large document libraries is much easier.

Documents can be easily secured from editing or deletion. Version controls with major and minor revision mean that only the most recent version of a document is available to company-wide users, but employees internal to a department can still collaborate over minor edits without having to publish every minor tweak.

Searching through different web pages can be avoided entirely with the search box and good use of metadata. SharePoint quickly searches the entire site for a document with a single click. Metadata allows site administrators to cross reference documents and make them easier to find.

SharePoint has a lot of uses, lifter-life but most firms launch the product with only this basic application. In time, forms can be automated into workflows, dashboards can be created, and the system can integrate into an ERP, CRM, or accounting software package. SharePoint Development can make any business more productive.


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