Pressure Washing Tips

If you are a home or business owner and you are thinking about doing some pressure washing around your home or business, pressure washing there are a few important things that you should consider and understand before you attempt anything of this nature.

Pressure Washing is a common service that many home, property, or business owners may decide to attempt themselves and not engage a professional power washing services company or contractor. However, if they are unprepared, disco detailing then this will more than likely turn into a big mistake because it will take up too much of your valuable time, and time is probably better spent on doing something else. Also because the results that you are likely to achieve will be far less superior than if you had engaged a company that specializes in doing this type of thing day in and day out every day of the year.

The biggest issue that could result is damaging your property, house, or building. Damage that could be permanent without expensive replacement costs.

If you are up for the challenge then let me point out the basics of what you need various tips to know before you undertake such a task, this is from somebody who has been in the pressure cleaning or pressure washing industry depending on what part of the world you are from for nearly 15 years.


  1. Identify the stains that you are trying to remove buzops (sodium hydrochloride is great for mold, mildew, and algae. De-greasers should be used for oil and grease stains on driveways)
  2. Identify the substrate that you are attempting to clean (some substrates such as concrete will tolerate the much higher pressure, whereas bricks and sandstone are much more delicate and can only withstand low pressure)
  3. Make sure you have the proper equipment and attachments for the job (many pressure washers that homeowners buy are not suitable for the job of cleaning large-scale areas such as a home or driveway. Also if you have an industrial strength pressure washer, ensure you have the right nozzles and lances to make the job easier) bellanic
  4. Realize that pressurized water alone is not sufficient and you will need to find appropriate cleaning agents to complete the job to the highest level (as with any cleaning procedure, water alone can only do so much. You need cleaning chemicals or agents to complete the task)
  5. Wear appropriate P.P.E Personal Protective Equipment (Ear Muffs, Water Proof Clothing, Hat, Gloves, Boots. Wear a respirator when working with chemicals)
  6. Ensure that waste water is not going to escape into storm water drains and pollute the environment (it is against the law in most areas to have waste water from pressure washing run into drains and hefty fines apply)
  7. Ensure plants and gardens will not suffer from overspray of chemicals or from flooding (an inexperienced contractor could easily kill plants or small shrubs or trees during a pressure washing undertaking. Ensure that your garden is protected) sokos miracle


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