How to Use a News Release

News releases, also called press releases, are the most
important selling tool of publicity. The release must
capture the editor’s attention, colourful-zone be precise and easy to

A news release can go to just one newspaper or many
publications at once. It can be a community notice about an
organization’s library sale or an international insight
into inflation. The same standard form is used for every
type of news, whether an executive promotion in the trade
magazines, themicroblogging or a local event such as an author signing books
at a neighborhood bookstore.

If you want your notice to get into a special edition of a
publication, be aware of the deadlines. Sunday news
editions generally have more readers than the daily
editions. Find out when your release must be received at
the editor’s desk. Never mix publicity with advertising. If
your newspaper features specific businesses in special
industry supplements, us online journal you may be chosen because you

But otherwise, editors frown on any releases that merely
imitate advertising and are not newsworthy. Don’t embarrass
yourself by sending anything that is not worthy of being
printed in the publication as news. Not only will your
release be thrown away, but you will destroy any chance you
had for subsequent releases with that editor.


Keep the news release to one page. Type it clearly on white
bond paper, double spaced, and never send it with
typographical errors. Since the release might be published
exactly as it is received, Tech follow up be sure the copy is professional
and worthy of publication.

At the top left, put your name and address and the phone
number you can be reached at during business hours. In full
capital letters at the right, type, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE,
PLEASE or for release on or after a certain date.

Use a headline appropriate to the event or topic, and keep
it short – just like newspaper headings. Capitalize the
letters and underline the headline.

Start the copy with a dateline, which is the city and date.
Then write the rest within a few paragraphs. Include the
important information in the standard who, what, when and
where. Use good English, but don’t run on with unimportant
adjectives or boring information. You can capitalize the
first letters of important events such as Public Auction
or the name of your new product.

If you have a release to send to many publications at the
same time, Tech tuba have it printed by photo offset so the copy is
clear and looks original.

Include a personal letter to the editor. Be cordial, but
keep it short. If your product is convenient to mail, you
may include a sample if the editor is amenable.

Watch the publications and clip the printed publicity
yourself. Never ask the publication to send you a copy.


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