The Sims 3 Known Game Glitches

Electronic Arts has released some of the most played PC video games worldwide. Even though EA works very hard to make sure their The Sims video games are high quality games which feature unique game play, entertainment and nice graphics; they cannot be certain that every game glitch will be avoided. Especially with how different one person’s computer is from the next, there is no guarantee that players will receive the same game paying experience.

Here are some known game glitches for The Sims 3 base game:

– Changing the muscle mass of your Sim while using CAS indicates no actual visible change

– Changing the weight of your Sim while using CAS can cause the torso to detach from the rest of the body

– Sims can often move out of the house and start a life of their own; the sims 4 ciąża kody even with the story progression off

– If you switch to play another family but return to play the previous family, you will find that your Sim is unemployed or has random Sims living with them even with story progression off

– Sometimes moving a family out of one house into a new house can result in losing a family member somewhere in the move process

– A Sim can get random moodlets such as a cozy fire even when no fireplace is in the home

– Sometimes a baby bottle gets left behind on the floor or highchair and cannot be picked up unless using the “moveobjects on” cheat

– Your Sims lose their cars. They will drive their car to a destination but end up taking a taxi or riding their back home which leaves the car behind at the destination. But when you return, the car is gone

– Sims standing up in the middle of their bed while asleep

If you experience these glitches, you can visit the official Sims 3 forum at and see if the problem has been fixed with current patches. Also, please make sure your game is update and has all patches.


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