How To Get A Girl Aroused Without Using Any Pills

How to arouse a girl or the woman you love? This can be a challenge to a lot of guys. It is a process of putting her mind at ease and providing stimulation to her senses. Here are some ways to arouse your woman.

How To Arouse Her Mind

Female sexual response is very different from male sexual response. There is one thing that all women can definitely agree on when it comes to female orgasm. A woman’s ability to reach orgasm tends to be more closely tied to her emotional state and feelings of warm towards her partner. If you can seduce her brain, chances are her body will follow.

You can start by complimenting her on something she worked hard on such as her hair or wardrobe. You can also say something good about her body, even if she is a bit overweight. The main thing is to make her feel comfortable when naked. If she does not feel this way she will not get aroused. Counter everything negative she says about her body by letting her know it is those things that make dirty text to make her wet her great and unique. The key is to make her feel good and embrace her flaws, avoiding saying anything negative. Best sex occurs when both of you feel comfortable with each other. If she is not worried about her own flaws, she will be able to concentrate and reach orgasm.

Another way to arouse her mind is to talk dirty to her. This can be incredibly erotic and can give boost to your sex life. To be an effective dirty talker will take a bit of practice and perseverance. There are 2 keys elements for successfully integrating dirty talk into your sex life. The 1st is the content which is supposed to turn her on. The 2nd is the way you talk – your tone and volume. You can start by reading her an erotic story or fiction to get her into the mood. Another way to engage in dirty talk is by way of sexy texts, sextings or emails.

You can arouse her mind by engaging in role play if this can turn her on. Fantasy can be loads of fun and leads to mental arousal as well. You can start by discussing each other’s inner most sexual desires. Once she is comfortable with this, you can incorporate these sexual desires into your sex life. The most important things to have in a role play are what your fantasy consists of, where does it need to occur and what props are needed.

How To Arouse Her Physically

Start slowly to make the arousal last. Do not rush into sex. Maybe you can start caressing her and kissing her. Take the time to give her a back rub, shoulder or foot massage, or other relaxing act to help begin the arousal process.

Touching on those areas of her body that are usually ignored can arouse her a lot more than those usual sex centers. Light kisses and occasional flick of the tongue on her ear lobes can drive her crazy. Her neck is also an area that is highly responsive to touch. You brush your lips from her collarbone to her jaw, then give her neck big, warm kisses will make her body tingle from the sensation. The buttocks are packed with nerve endings. To give her a surprising jolt of pleasure, spread your fingers wide and squeeze both buttocks firmly.

Any foldable parts of the body are great erogenous zones which are often overlooked such as the inner folds between the upper arms and forearms, the back of the knees, the inner folds between the thighs and pubic region. As these areas can be quite ticklish, the pressure of touch on them should be light because too heavy pressure could send her giggling away. If you are able to know the areas of the body that can arouse her easily, concentrate your touching on these areas. If you are unsure, do not be afraid to get her feedback to find out what works best for her.

By now the most private of her parts should get the message from her highly stimulated brain which will trigger the release of more hormones into the blood stream, and make her wet. Blood flow to the lower part of her body increases and the whole area particularly the clitoris becomes super sensitive. So be gentle on the clitoris and give more of your initial attention on the areas around her clitoris using your lips, tongue and even chin to rub against. Steady clitoral contact is essential to female orgasm. But without adequate lubrication, it can become uncomfortable. Apply some lubricant on her clitoris to prevent this area from getting sore as a result of prolonged rubbing.

After you have finished you are still not done. Show her affection after your lovemaking is over. If she likes to cuddle or talk after sex, fulfill her needs. If you can do this, it will always make her look forward to the next intimate moment with you. By then, she could be the one initiating the lovemaking most of the time.


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