Five Promotional Items Campaigns for Professional Consultants

As a professional consultant, you know the value of building your client list. You also many find yourself constrained by legalities of where, how and what you may advertise – or by conventions that make certain kinds of advertising distasteful. If you’re an accountant, solicitor, realtor or other type of business professional, there are many ways to use promotional items to publicize your business and bring in more clients. Here’s just a handful of suggestions for ways to use promotional items in advertising campaigns for different professional consultants.


  1. The Ever Popular Promotional Pen

Inexpensive promotional items like printed pens are a time-honored way of getting your name into the hands and on the desks of your clients and prospective clients. Pens are among the most versatile of promotional items – everyone uses them and no one ever has enough of them. In addition, when you put your name on a pen, it has “legs”. Pens are often passed on to others, who also get to see your advertisement.



  1. Put your name on a shirt.

But not just any shirt. One of the best ways to publicize your business is to be a contributing and valued member of the community. What better way to do that than to sponsor a youth football team or other sporting team? Be a little unusual – check with your local school district or youth club to see if they have a chess club and offer to sponsor them in a tournament – and dress them in shirts with the name of your company printed across the front.



  1. Calendars – An oldie but goodie

Calendars were among the very first promotional items, and they’re still among the most popular. Their popularity means that you have to get creative, though. An accountant might send out calendars with important tax dates circled in red, and printed reminders for clients to get their paperwork in to him early. An auto mechanic might give out promotional calendars whenever he services a customer’s automobile, marking off the date of service and recommended dates for oil changes, tune ups and other service.



  1. Promotional sticky pads

Sticky notes and pads are another one of those things that everyone uses. They sit on a desk for months, and each page has the potential to be seen by many people. Why shouldn’t your name be printed on them? Promotional items that offer the most return on your investment are the ones that are used often, have high visibility and are seen by many eyes. Promotional sticky notes fulfill all of those criteria. Online chess calendar



  1. Promotional carrier bags

Bags of all sorts make great professional promotional gifts. A bag with your company name printed on it will be a welcome gift for all of your customers. The more they use it, the more people will see it – you get double duty out of it. A thank you gift AND a walking advertisement.


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