Trying To Think Of A Unique Gift? The Answer Is Photo To Portrait

What would make that amazing photo, the one that has stood out and has become your all-time favorite, even more special? The answer to that is changing that photo into painting.

People have been having portraits of themselves done for hundreds of years. With the advancement, however, of photography the occurrence of having portraits made has dwindled. Another reason for this is that our everyday lives have become so busy that such time consuming endeavors have been pushed aside in order to make time for all the things we have going on even if having an amazing family portrait would be the centre of attention in any home. The solution to this is having a photo made into a painting. Photo watercolor home portrait to painting allows those who want a portrait hanging on their wall above the mantle as a main focal point in their homes to get one, cost and time effectively. All you have to do is take a few snapshots or choose one amongst your favorite family photos, send them to an artist and have him/her do all the work. In other words you will get the desired effect without having to sit still for long hours.

The mediums used in photo to painting and photo to portrait are watercolor, oil-painting, pencil sketch and colored pencil. Each medium has its own advantages, watercolor portraits stand thanks to the amazing colors and detailed handiwork. However, a fine oil painting says “art” more than any other medium with its “rich” colours. A Pencil sketch gives your photo that amazing artistic feel with the fine detailing, the gentle smudging and shading which create the dramatic effects of light and darkness. Colored pencils make for an amazing picture to remind you of your childhood.

And as nothing says you’re special like an amazing unique photo gift, having a photo to painting made for a loved one will definitely be the best gift one could receive. Changing your photo to portrait may it be of yourself, a family member the new addition to your family or a beloved pet makes an excellent gift on special occasions. Have a portrait of a beloved pet made as a Christmas gift, a wedding portrait as an anniversary gift or for an even more romantic gift you can have that amazing photo you took of the sunset on your honeymoon changed into a great painting. Grandma would love a painting made from the photo with all of her kids and grandkids as a birthday gift. You can give a retirement gift by having a photo of the retiree’s co-workers or a workplace made into a painting. A Childhood Portrait can be made from that amazing photo taken so many years ago making a special present for someone feeling just a little nostalgic. Why not make a beautiful Home Portrait depicting the place you call home filled with loving memories or even an art Reproduction or a Landscape Painting of a special place. Boat Portraits or Vehicle Portraits also make great unique photo gifts.


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