Noninvasive Hair Removal By Laser Equipment

Removal of unwanted hair has found itself a new meaning with the introduction of laser technology. Today, a number of laser equipments are available in the permanent the use of which can lead to permanent hair removal. These equipments do involve a certain degree of expertise but at the same time are effective and user friendly.

Of all the laser equipments that have been introduced, diode lasers have surfaced as the most popular means employed for hair removal. In Diode laser hair removal, dark terminal hairs are removed by using an 800-nm diode laser in a very effective manner. This laser operates at 800 nm, 613 blonde wig has pulse widths of 5-400 milliseconds, a 12 X 12-mm spot, a 2-Hz repetition rate and a cooling device. It is very safe for the darker skin types because of the longer wavelength, the active cooling, and the longer pulse widths. An extremely high-powered diode laser measuring about 3000 W has been approved for permanent hair reduction. Diode laser has been instrumental in providing permanent hair removal to almost 90 % of the people who have undergone treatment.

300-nm Ruby lasers are another type of unwanted hair removing laser equipment designed to be used on light skinned individuals with dark hairs. They operate in the conventional Q-switched mode for the treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions and in the normal mode for hair removal. An integrated cooling device is used to cool the skin prior to laser pulse delivery to ensure proper effect. Studies have confirmed that a hair growth delay of 1- 3 months can be induced by treatment from ruby lasers. Additional studies with larger numbers of patients have confirmed that hair counts are reduced by approximately 30% after a single treatment with the ruby laser.

Alexandrite lasers are long pulsed and are being used for hair removal. Measuring 755-nm, they result in greater penetration of the skin in depth. Added with a longer wavelength, the ratio of energy deposited in the dermis is greater as compared to epidermis of the skin. It results in reducing the risk for epidermal damage in persons with darker skin types. This equipment is best suited for removing unwanted hair in all skin types.

Nd : YAG is a high-powered, 1064-nm Q-switched laser available for hair removal. It has very short pulse duration in the nanosecond range, a 4-mm spot, a repetition rate of 10 Hz. The high repetition rate delivers the laser pulses very rapidly thus covering large areas in a shorter duration. As a result, the operative time is significantly shortened. The longer wavelength makes it useful for darker skin types. Although capable of inducing a growth delay, its effectiveness for long-term hair removal is limited.

Recently, intense pulsed light systems have been developed that are combined with 1064-nm laser light. These devices should allow for treatment of a wide spectrum of hair and skin colors.

Removal of unwanted hair by laser technology is rapid, safe, and effective. Recent studies have confirmed the long-term efficacy of laser hair removal. The procedure is also attractive because of its noninvasive nature, its ability to cover a large treatment area, and the speed of treatment. With adequate training and instruction from a qualified physician, patients may even administer self-treatments for hair removal with small, light-based unit in a safe and effective manner.


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