Discover the Best Treatments For Women’s Hair Loss

There is no shame for a man to lose his hair. Some men have a better appearance, even if bald. However, in women there may be a different story. GI Jane, the movie where Demi Moore takes on gender inequalities in the military, was a huge box office hit, but was unable to establish a fashion trend for women to shave their hair off. Due to social pressures, thinning hair in women can be something that is devastating. However, there is no need to worry. There are many solutions for thinning hair in women. The top treatments for women’s hair loss are available in a wide variety and are offered in many beauty shops and even online stores and websites.

One thing is clear from the research, thinning hair can be treated.  In order to select the best hair thinning solution you must ultimately understand the cause of the loss of hair.  Cures can vary from as simple as  taking or applying drug-based medicines to more drastic measures such as hair transplant  and surgery. Whatever the cure you make use of, you will have to spend for it.  Needless to say maintaining your beauty is always worth the money spent.  Fortunately, many hair loss products for women available on the market not only work, but many of them are very affordable. top blogs for women

Minoxidil is the generic name of one of the medicines approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States to cure hair loss.  This medicine is produced by different drug companies under their own given names and brands and is sold to the public as a hair regrowth product.  There are the Minoxidil 2% generic, Minoxidil 5 and 2%, there are also variants of minoxidil.  Other best sellers in terms of hair regrowth products for women are Shen Min, Nu Hair, Provillus, Follicare and Rogaine.  Some products that may be good for both men and women are Viviscal, Hair Genesis, Revivogen, Tricomin, Thymuskin, Nisim, Hair Stimulator, NuGen HP, Hair Energizer, Advecia, Nanogen, Derm Match, FNS-Nutrient and Folligen.

Various shampoos, sprays and creams of different brands and types are also being sold in the market professing to cure thinning of the hair.  While some of these products really work, many are also useless and aren’t worth the time or money spent. It is therefore important that you select only the most proven products.  Some patients enlist the help of a dermatologist or a doctor as well.  Also, you may get the advice of those who already made use of some of the products and find out from them which ones truly work.  Be ready to allot a budget for these products because most hair regrowth products are already considered maintenance medicines, wherein if it is stopped, the re-growth of hair also stops.

Another way to find the best products for hair loss is to research products that are advertised on the Internet. Many blogs contain testimonials from patients and first-hand information on their experiences with these drugs and products. Scams or ineffective products can not hide the comments of its users, and most of them leave their complaints and criticisms online. It is better to learn from their mistakes and not duplicate them.


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