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As far as reading is concerned it is the Australians who eagerly devour the largest numbers of magazines every month. Although readership and subscriptions for gardening and home repair magazines have declined recently there has been a surge of interest in magazines featuring pages devoted to entertainment icons, pop music idols, high fashion models and property values. Empire, RUSSH, New Idea, Who Weekly, Marie Claire, Property Investor and Smash Hits are currently the favorite Australian magazines of the moment. figuresmagazine

These titles have developed an intensely loyal fan base. However former popular magazines such as Your Garden, Hustler, Money and Family Handyman have stumbled and come up short in the battle to win over the reading public.

The famed rivalry between Australia’s New Idea and Woman’s Day magazines continues to be fierce. Although Woman’s Day still has a substantial advantage in total readership numbers New Idea continues to nip at the older, and more established publication’s heels. commitmagazine

Australian men have strong magazine preferences and the titles on their current reading list include Ralph and FMH. Live to Ride, Australasian Dirt Bike and Freerider MX are some of the other “Down Under” titles that are also in high demand with Australian male readers. youngmagazines

The #1 choice of all Australian magazines continues to be Women’s Weekly. This long time favorite now claims total monthly readership numbers that fall just short of 700,000. leadersmagazine

So far 2009 has seen the sales figures for teen and entertainment related magazines make a phenomenal jump of more than 50% compared to total sales figures released at the same time in 2008. Total Girl leads the pack with statistics that show nearly half of Australian girls ages 6-14 are loyal readers of this magazine. Total Girl is geared toward readers in the 6-11 age range, but even teen girls as old as 18 find a number of interesting ideas and articles contained in the magazine’s pages. Girlfriend and Dolly are 2 other Australian magazines for teen girls and both have respectable monthly sales in excess of 100,000 copies each. For more info please visit these sites:-

Art monthly Australia; Australian Anthill; Geare; PlayStation Official Magazine Australia; Blunt; Corker; Margaret River Temptations; Scoop Traveler Northern Territory; Caravanning Australia; and Sydney Weekender are some other top selling Australian magazines. The devotion of magazine fans and high sales figures make it obvious that there is not an overwhelming desire among Aussie readers to shift allegiance to online publications, at least not in the foreseeable future.


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